Saturday, 16 March 2013


And we did! (Or we don't, depending on which part of the badge you're looking at…)
Good game, good game.
Who'd have thought it after the disastrous first match against Ireland, all those weeks ago. But the Welsh rugby team pulled their metaphoric socks up and went on to beat the Scots, the Italians, and then, in the deciding match of the Six Nations Rugby tournament, the Old Enemy, the English.
And not only did they beat the English, they beat them admirably and decisively.
The thing is, Wales had to beat the English by at least eight points in order to win the tournament, so the task was quite a bit more onerous than merely having to "beat the English."
And they did it!
And not only did they beat the English by more than eight points, but they beat the English by a lot more. Indeed, they beat the English by 27 points, the final score being Cymru 30, Lloegr 3.
Congratulations also go to the Italians, who have come a long way since they started in the tournament some years ago and beat Ireland in their last match of this year's edition. France also deserves congratulations for coming back from a terrible run of poor play to beat Scotland in the final match of the series: not a wonderful display, but better than much of late.
But the biggest congratulations, of course, must go to Wales, who, in case you haven't heard, beat the English in an exciting match of delightfully fast and hard rugby.
Nothing like it.