Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ring, ring!

The thing is, we have had the wedding-rings we bought when we were married over 42 years ago, well, over 42 years.

They fitted nicely then, but years of rain, sweat and tears have somehow seemed to shrink the golden bands, so that mine was relegated to a little finger and Elise's was stored away in a dark drawer.

So a couple of months ago, Elise decided it would be nice to celebrate our 42 years and six months of married harmony by purchasing a new set of rings. I, of course, had to agree. Wonderful idea…

Off, then, to the jewellery department of Elise's favourite shop, El Corte Inglés, in Elche, where it didn't take us long to choose a matching pair of rings, in very similar style to the original ones. Apparently our tastes have not changed very much in 42 years.

Fingers were measured, inside legs taken, waists, chests, shoulder-to-wrist, all noted to perfection. The rings had to be made to measure, you see. Order placed and off we went to Belgium. A couple of weeks later, still in Belgium, we received an email from the salesgirl in El Corte Inglés, informing us that the rings were ready and could be collected. A few days after our arrival back from Belgium, off we were again to Elche. The rings were fitted, approved, and paid for.

Here's to the next 42 years and six months.