Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas 2016

Designed by Geoduck
2016 has been a lousy year.

Numerous events throughout the year have shown just how far to the right, the ultra-right, many people have allowed themselves (hopefully unwittingly) to be dragged. They also show the dangers of organised religion.

Among the most tragic of these events are:

  • the bombing of Zaventem airport;
  • the bombing of the Brussels underground;
  • the terrorist attack in Nice;
  • the Brexit vote;
  • the election of Donald Trump;
  • the destruction of Aleppo;
  • the refugee camp at Mosul;
  • the terrorist attack in Berlin.

Let us hope that 2017 will be a better year and that people will come to their senses. The way things are going, however, I see the USA developing ever more into a power-crazed theocracy, where fundamentalist Christians have the sway.

Then it could well be goobye from me and goodbye from him.

The card accompanying this entry was designed by Geoduck and is inspired by a quote from Desmond Tutu: Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all the darkness. A lone Christmas tree stands in the all-enveloping gloom, but a single little candle still offers a ray of hope.