Wednesday, 1 February 2012


 It's Wednesday.

Wednesday is Hairdresser Day.

Not for me, you understand, as I am hirsutely challenged and haven't visited a hairdresser for twenty years or more.

No, for She Who Must Be Obeyed, who insists on visiting the hairdresser every week on Wednesday morning.

The hairdresser is in Guardamar, so the visit is not for nought and allows us to have a look at the Wednesday street market, where I occasionally come across an interesting cactus, to pop into Hotel Quino for a morning coffee and chat, and to have a walk around. The latter often involves going through the parks: while SWMBO is in the hairdresser, I walk through the Alfonso XIII park and afterwards we walk through the more formal Reina Sofía park. The latter park has numerous half-tame creatures, other than the children that frequent the play-areas out of school-term time: squirrels, peacocks, swans, and a good selection of ducks.

The first photo in this entry was taken last week and I liked it so much that I thought I'd take a few more duck shots today. The weather was fine. The peacocks tails have almost fully developed, so they will soon be displaying to their hens; the squirrels were as frisky as usual; the ducks were in fine fettle.

We were surprised to see one duck with ten little ducklings, perhaps the first of the season. They were very lively, inquisitive and chirping away.

I can't help you with the identity of the ducks, I'm afraid, but I hope you enjoy these duck portraits.

After our walk throught the park, and before our walk along the front in Guardamar, we went to have a midday meal at one of the Chinese restaurants in the town. She Who Must Be Obeyed is particularly partial to the crispy roast duck with ginger, but she passed on that dish today in favour of beef and vegetables…

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