Thursday, 20 September 2012

Quick update

Just back from the hospital and a chat with the urologist.

The uretroscopy will take place next Tuesday evening. What exactly will happen will depend on what he sees during his visual exploration of the ureter and the kidney calyxes.

Whatever there is, as far as a tumour is concerned, it must be extremely small and in a very early stage: although malignant cells have been found in the urine on two different occasions, nothing can be seen in any of the imaging results. If nothing can be found this time, with the visual exploration, then we shall have to wait a few months, allowing the tumour to develop somewhat, and then start the process again. Perhaps then the tumour will show up on images and so can be more easily located.

Anyway, that's all speculation at the moment, and we have to see what happens on Tuesday. Should be interesting, in any case, and I have already received instructions to try to stay awake during the whole procedure, in order to be able to follow it on the sceen kindly provided for that purpose. Must remember to take a camera, too…

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