Friday, 19 October 2012

A Date to Remember and Sand

Sand brushed from just a few tiles
We went to the hospital this morning to see if we could get any news about the next procedure. Of course, all was in hand and they would call me back this afternoon to let me know when it would take place.

To be fair, they have just called back and I must first go in next Tuesday for a blood coagulation test and to speak to the anaesthetist, in preparation for the actual procedure, which is then planned to take place on 29 October.

A day to remember! Not especially because I shall be yet again in an operating theatre, but because it will be our 41st wedding anniversary!

Meanwhile, the rest of Spain seems to be having plenty of rain, but here only a few drops have fallen from what is admittedly an overcast sky. The drops fell as we were driving back from the hospital, but there were insufficient to even give one swipe with the windscreen wipers.

Last night it rained in a different way, with lots of very fine almost red sand having fallen whilst we were sleeping, so that we were met this morning with a light dusting of sand over the tiles, the car, the windowsills… heck, everywhere where it could possibly land. Apparently there have been some very nice sunsets in the north of Europe because of the amount of sand of Saharan origin that is flying around in the atmosphere. Well, there's less of it now, as a lot fell in Guardamar.

Sand from around the car

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