Thursday, 6 December 2012

The return of Bagman

Initial analysis results being very good (no more malignant cells found, remaining kidney already taking over much of the function of the missing one, etc.) and a CAT scan showing all present and correct, I was allowed to return home on Tuesday. No chemo- or radiation therapy treatment is scheduled, so that must be a positive sign.

There's a lot to going home: speak with the surgeon, get instructions from nurses, get dressed… The getting dressed part was harder than it sounds, as some way had to be found to do carry the catheter, together with its tubes and bag: this was achieved by taping the tubing to my thigh and leading it down to my calf (with a couple of loops) to where the bag was taped. Not a long-term solution, perhaps, but it sufficed for the short journey home.

That short journey felt a lot longer than normal and, by the time we arrived home at about lunchtime, I was quite exhausted and things were getting very painful. Some painkillers and a bed more or less solved both problems, however, and I knew little more of the world for the rest of the day.

Wednesday (yesterday) started off quite well. After breakfast I even made some bread. That's not as much work as it used to be in the days when I made bread in a more artisanal manner: nowadays I just put the required ingredients in a machine, select the required program, and your mother's brother's name is Robert. Half an hour tops, but it was enough to tire me out. I imagine the tiredness is as much a result of the pain-killers and other medication that I have to take. Anyway, I went to lie down on the bed for a while and the next thing I knew, Elise had returned from her weekly visit to Guardamar and it was some two hours later!

After lunch, numerous visitors came to see how I was getting along. Very nice, but again very tiring.

Today has begun very well. I've had breakfast and am now fully dressed and ready to go for a little walk. This time the catheter tube will be carefully led out of the traditional opening of the front of the trousers, hidden by a longish cardigan, and going further into the collecting bag which is cunningly concealed in a Gerry Weber carrier bag.

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