Sunday, 1 November 2015

Makes you think…

1 November. Isn’t that a holiday of some kind?

Anyway, it has been pointed out to me by several people that there has been little movement (none) in this blog for some time, so here’s a bit of movement to address those claims.

Actually, I have discovered a revolutionary new way to keep a blog: on paper! The thing is, I am currently reading a book called, Pogingen Iets Van Het Leven Te Maken, and, although I am reading an epub version of it (ebook), it purports to be the hand-written diary of one Hendrik Groen, who is no less than 83-and-a-bit years old. His diary tells of his life in an old people’s home near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. It is at times highly amusing and at others somewhat disturbing. Makes you think… All in all a wonderful read, so if you get the chance, buy it and read it. If you are unable to read Dutch, don’t lose hope, for the rights have been sold to publishers in more than 20 countries and translations are on the way or are already available. I don’t know when the English translation (I think it is to be called, The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen 83¼ Years Old) will be published, but it should be soon. Strangely, nobody seems to know just who Hendrik Groen is, or if he really exists. It seems likely that it is a pen-name for a much younger author and no less than 17 names have been suggested on the literary blog Tzum.

In other news, you might not have noticed, but New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup yesterday, beating Australia 34 - 17 in the final match, following several weeks and a total of 48 matches of generally very good rugby. One match in particular stood out, when Wales beat England 28 - 25 at Twickenham itself. Yes indeed, Twickers, home of English rugby. Really, after beating England, it didn’t matter how much further Wales got in the tournament and they were knocked out in the quarter finals by a last-minute try from South Africa. Still, Wales beat England in front of a Twickenham crowd of no less than 81,129. The score was 28 - 25, by the way, the 28 points being for Wales (the winners), and the 25 for England (the losers).

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